July 29th, 2019 by Jan

I feel the need for a ramble on.

This bloggy is not so much a platform for news, as it is a place, for me to practice writing. (A practice I am lazy about.)

It must be summer as company comes, goes and comes again and again! Our calendar is booked. If you want to visit, reserve your room soon — we are now booking for 2020!

A friend asked, wasn’t I an introvert? And was all this company hard? And how do I do it? Easy answer – Ken and I have the best friends, and all are welcome to visit! If we are busy or overwhelmed — we say no or not now.

Our friends know us well enough not to expect to be entertained constantly. They know to make themselves comfortable and at home, and Ken and I do too.

Plus, I know how to cook now and that takes a huge stress off having folks around. I can easily feed anyone. We have a house cleaner and I know how to do laundry! Sitting on our deck provides entertainment with crusie ships sightings, and eagle flying overhead. We don’t need to sing or dance for anybody.

Ken and I are not big travelers, so we are grateful people make the effort to visit us. Sechelt isn’t the easiest place to get to, so when folks do come — we do our best to make the effort worth it.

We  live in one of the prettiest places in the world — I doubt we would have that much company if we lived in, say… Nebraska…

Now, on to more important topics…


SusieMuMuBoze is about as perfect a dog as we could ask for! She is as laid back as any Parker I know and fits right in.

She is learning that daily walks are part of the deal. No more table scraps and diet food with one calorie treats are what she is fed. She will be in better physical shape in no time. Actually, this lazy girl suits us.

She doesn’t have many bad habits, is super smart and is learning to play! She loves a stick or ball and a soft toy, as well as a spot on the sofa or bed. A good snuggle is nice as well. We whisper, “Pretty girl” in her ear and she smiles.

She gets anxious when Ken or I (mostly me) get separated from the other. She likes us together. Getting in and out of the car is the biggest drama with her. I understand, as each time, she gets in a car, who knows where she will end up. she’s had a lot of changes in a short time, and I don’t think car rides were part of her life before. The more times she rides with us though and we end up back on Samron Rd. the better she she will get.

All I can say is we scored big time with this pup. Now, if we could just figure out her name. MuMu doesn’t work for me. Susie is okay, but Boze is what comes out of our mouth easiest. So far SusieMuMUBoze gets the song.

We finally got her health records, so when the next wave of company comes and goes, we will set up a meet and greet with our vet. I suppose we will then have to actually choose a name for the record.

In the mean time — this doggy is an absolute delight! I cannot thank Michelle, Steve and the Cam at the dog ranch enough!

Life with dog is good!

In other news, I saw the movie Yesterday – last night with my friend Becky. I loved it from beginning to end. Such a heart warming story. I can’t write about the part I loved the best as it would be a spoiler. Still… just know… sometimes the wish to see someone you miss more than ever — comes true!

Oh and… our freezer is working just fine and is stocked full. Bring on the company!

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