July 22nd, 2019 by Jan

My Grandmother Chambers died on Christmas day, and while I know a lot was said and felt that day, the one comment I remember my mom making was… “Well, now Christmas is ruined.”


Little did mom know at the time, that a mere 32 years later, she herself would “ruin” mothers day for me!

There is no good time for bad things to happen, but that doesn’t mean we write off the day as ruined. Shit happens, and not always at a convenient time.

No one died, yet here is my leap to a ruined day; and the realization that our mountain of trouble is really a bit of a mole hill…  our freezer is acting up, and it is loaded  with berries, meat and fish right now. Not a good time for it to go out!

I haven’t checked on it this morning. I’m stalling.

Yesterday, somehow the darn thing shut off. Now, I’m in the freezer everyday, so I’m not worried about being poisoned or having to throw out anything yet. We’ve gone a lot longer that this, with all the power outages when we lived on Bowen Island.

So, Ken and I kicked it, turned the knobs, unplugged and plugged it again, and got it going last night. We went to sleep with our fingers crossed, that today’s chores would not include finding a new freezer. Because we have a busy day today, and that chore is not on our list of things to do!

Most days this would not matter, we’d deal. We are retired, each day is our oyster. We can do what we like and usually do… we follow our nose…and do the next right thing or the next fun thing or we do nothing.

Like I said though today, we are busy, and getting a new freezer bought, delivered, set up and working would only be one thing on the very long list we have for today!

Sadly, it would take priority over all the other important things we’ve been putting off for today!

First off, Ken has a doctor appointment to get his eyes checked. His cataracts are at the point where it is time to get him on “the list” and today is the first step.

But really the biggest horror/drama of all, is our house cleaner is in summer craze mode, and has put us off for five weeks now!

The house could use a bit of a scrub. I keep a “neat” house and but am spoiled enough to pay someone else to keep it clean. Alas, enough time has passed, and things I take for granted are showing up and so, I NEED to clean the house!

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t living in Grey Gardens or anything, but COMPANY is COMING! And not just any company; while we welcome all … we are talking Sandie and Joe company!
I want things just right for them.

I know without a doubt, all will be okay, if not perfect and certainly not ruined. They are easy and everything will work out just fine. It’s just that if we need a new freezer today, the floor may not get swept!

Just saying!

Oh, and BTW – our dear doggy SusieWu is about as perfect a dog as anyone could ever want! More on her soon!

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