May 28th, 2015 by Jan

The problem with being retired is you never get a day off.

I know how fortunate I am to be able to spend the day doing anything I want, and for the most part I waste the privilege. I was asked what I did yesterday and had absolutely no recollection. All I know is that at some point I crawled into bed and turned the page on another day.

I have a date today to meet a new friend for brunch. I had to write it down, because while I am not busy I rarely know what day it is.

While there is great freedom in being able to say yes (or no) at the drop of a hat, and come, go or stay how ever I like. I also like a schedule. I am more comfortable with structure and routine, but I don’t really have one other than some big picture basics.

Monday is either trash day or re-cycle pick up day and Friday is either re-cycle pick up day or trash day. Lucky for me I have Ken to figure out this one and he puts the correct bin out on these particular days, but it is my job to remind him! ☺

Tuesday is group hike day and our produced box from Coast organics is delivered.

Thursday is volunteer day at the Botanical Gardens.

Friday is Mexican night at Pebbles Restaurant. We haven’t been yet, but it’s good to know.

Saturday is Farmers Market day in Sechelt, in Roberts Creek it is held on Wednesday.

Stores around here know the senior population is looking for structure and routine as well, so almost every store around here had a senior discount day! This is a big deal and another helpful way to create a schedule — and cheapskates like me love it.

Tuesday is senior discount day at the Rexall pharmacy. Now, we don’t buy drugs, but they do have toothpaste and such there – So, Tuesday is the day for that.

On the last Monday of the month, Clayton’s grocery store has customer appreciation day and everything is 15% off. Everything.

Between 12 – 2pm at the Aquatic Centre – you can get in for a twoonie.

Thursday is senior discount day at Sharkeys, which is the best fish and chips place on the coast.

I looked at the calendar this morning and realize the month of May only has a few more days left, before we turn that page into June. Time is flying and this silly post just goes to show you that when you do nothing, you don’t know when you are finished.

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  1. Laurie

    Another friend recently retired and told me “I wake up in the morning with nothing to do and it takes me all day to do it”. It’s also true that she stays very busy doing all of it!


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