May 25th, 2015 by Jan

My sense of direction is challenged. I think that is the politically correct way to say I get all turned around and quite often have no idea where I am or where I’m going.

Ken likes to read the map, I like to look out the window. Together we do pretty well exploring the world.

When our realtor, Gord was showing us houses before we moved here. Our list of must haves was a view and a shop. I don’t know how many places he showed us, but my guess is we saw over 20.

Being new to the coast, I had very little sense of the area we were looking at. The view was what had my attention. I would first stand at the window of any place Gord showed us, before turning my attention to then look at the house.

It was in turning this attention, that we decided, that this house or that one, was too small or needed too much work, or was quite nice, and we could make work. Not knowing the area, I rarely considered the neighbourhood.

Now, that I am in the habit of walking the streets each day, instead of the bush where bears and cougars lurk— I am getting to know our neighbourhood.

Just walking a small radius of our house here on Samron Rd, I am quite surprised when I walk by a house and recognize it as one that Gord showed us.

Yesterday, I came upon one of the real contenders. It’s just down he road from where we live now! Actually, we looked at four houses really close to where we live now, one is only four house down the same street.

It’s funny to find these places as I walk around. When we looked at them, it seemed like Gord would drive and drive— me in the back seat of his car, Ken in the front. When we pulled up into some driveways, I had no idea where were in relation to the town of Sechelt, must less to another house we just saw.

On my birthday we took a seaplane up the coast and down the inlet. It was a very scenic tour. As we passed what I now recognize as our neighbourhood, I zoomed the camera in, and snapped a shot. It wasn’t until we got home and were looking at the memories of the day that I saw I had actually captured our house on the hill. It is the one about half way down in photo and second from the left. You can see the van parked on the left side of the house.
ourhouseI rode the Queen of Capillano for 19 years and rarely knew what side of the boat the car was parked on. Now, after only four months, with a lot of exploring, by foot, car, and seaplane — I’m starting to get a feel for the area.

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