May 29th, 2015 by Jan

I woke to see the sunrise this morning. The birds woke me. Living up north, (don’t judge me Laura) the days are long in the summer and so before 5 am the action of the day is in full swing.

At this time of the year, we also find ourselves going to bed hours before dark.

Last week I joined a qigong class at the Sechelt Activity Centre. When we first moved here, the place was called the Senior Centre, but change happens, and now it is called the Sechelt Activity Centre. The place is not just for old folks.

So, anyway, last week I went to the qigong class. Barry, set his cane aside, took the $3 drop in fee, and made me feel comfortable, as he lead the class. I decided at the onset I would not tell anyone I was a teacher of the art. I did admit to some experience with qigong when asked.

Now, I am the first to admit that I am a huge snob when it comes to tai chi and qigong. Huge snob! I feel lucky, and I can get a bit righteous about the internal arts I’ve studied. ☺

Taoist Tai Chi is big on the coast. Loads of people we’ve met take it and love it. Most of the folks in this qigong class also take Taoist Tai Chi. I salute them for continuing a practice of something, but I will say I absolutely loath the Taoist Tai Chi cult, so I bite my tongue around the topic.

Anyway, back to Barry’s class. I doubt very much Barry even knows the definition of qigong or what the movements do. But, he does know a routine and he knows it feels good. He knows others count on him to show up each week.

I’m counting on him to show up again this week, because I’m going back for more. I found the class lovely to participate in. I stand in the back, and move the way I know to move. It is a delight to be lead.

The tongue is placed on the upper palate of the mouth for many reasons during the practice of qigong. I think the main reason I need to keep my tongue on the roof of my mouth in this class, is to remind myself to follow, and keep my mouth shut. I do not need to comment on anything. I am a participant and there is something about moving gently with others, that I truly love.

They can call it qigong if they want to. We move with delight and come out feeling refreshed. Which is really the best we can ask for from a practice.

All I need to do is show up, pay my three bucks, and participate with an open mind, because on Fridays, I go to Qigong class.

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  1. Laura B

    Judge you? No way. You ARE north, just not quite as far north as I am.

    It’s fun to follow, isn’t it? Not to be teacher, and just forget self and follow.

    p.s. I feel the same way about the Taoist practice.


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