May 30th, 2015 by Jan

I like Facebook. It keeps me attached to friends all over. I use it for fun though. No politics, no arguments – I’ve always said, Facebook is shallow connection and not to expect it for more.

Facebook also has this feature where each day they show you a memory of posts from the day a year ago, three years ago , etc. It is pretty fun to see stuff.

For instance, a couple of years ago, I was in New York with Joe and Sandie and we were going full tilt boogie with shows, dinners, after hours clubs, etc. Crazy fun times and good memories.

Last year on this day, the news was that my friend Kim had been found cancer free.

Cancer fucking free.

We were so happy! We celebrated! She had a huge pool party, everyone was dancing, everyone was so happy. Little did we imagine that seven months later, she would be dead.

When I wrote Today’s Step, I did so with the experience and lessons learned from my practice in Tai Chi, qigong and sobriety. The common theme throughout was to move through the drama, trauma, joys and celebrations of life, because that is what we get.

We get it all. Life is a joy and a drama. We celebrate and are traumatized.

When I fell and skinned my knee as a child, I remember my mother, telling me that on my wedding day, I would not be thinking of my skinned knees.

Her point was we move on — we move through. One day we dance, the next we morn.

What I have learned time and again, is that whatever I am feeling right now, if I live another day, it will not be my last feeling.

Change happens.

Thanks for the memories. What’s next?

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