May 1st, 2016 by Jan

Day 27:  What you wore today.

This topic is worse than “what’s your sign.”

I am wearing today, what I wore yesterday, and last year, and probably the year before that, and the year before that.

I wear the same thing every day. Not the literal same shirt or pants per se. I do laundry each week and wear clean clothes, ignoring the stains on the front of most of my shirts, but the style of clothing I wear has not changed in years.

I’d like to think I will one day be one of those women who dress for the occasion of the day. You know, outfits! I do own a couple of dresses, skirts, and slacks, but when I wake, I either put on jeans or “training” pants. I wear either a short sleeve tee shirt or a long sleeve turtle neck, depending on the weather. I wear a wool cardigan sweater, every season except summer, and year round, I wear a seasonal appropriate hat when I go outside. Ta-da. I’m dressed.

A few years ago, inspired by the Oscars, I wrote a story about who I was wearing. At the time I was wearing basically the same clothes, the difference was, my wardrobe came to me from dead friends closets. I was wearing Janice Wood pants, Jan Daly shirts, and Linda Bracket jewellery.

When I went to write this – I realize today, I am wearing gifted clothes!

Allyson gave me the socks I’m wearing. They’re blue and have “Carpe the fuck out of this Diem” on them. Sheila gave me the super comfy pants I have on, for my birthday several years ago. The t-shirt was given to me by Viola. It’s her a Tai Chi school shirt, and Clevenger gave me the hat. How lucky am I?

And FYI, here is a fun fact: I’ve never once worn a formal dress, never even owned one. My wedding dress is the closest I’ve ever come to wearing anything super fancy.

Tomorrow topic: The word or phrase you use constantly.

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