April 30th, 2016 by Jan

Day 26: Things you’d say to your ex.

This writing challenge feels more like a quick survey than a writing project.

My fault really, I answer questions literally and to the point. Waxing poetic is not my style. Especially with topics like what I’d say to an ex or what family member I dislike, or what I’m wearing.

Honestly though, if I ran into an ex, I can’t imagine saying anything other than, hello and how are you.

I have no unfinished business with anyone. There is no one in the world I fear seeing again. No one I have any regrets or resentments with. I feel my side of the street is clean, and my hello and how are you would be from the heart and genuine.

Also, I’ve been with Ken for over 30 some years, so I wonder if I’d even recognize an old flame.

If I did happen to run into, and recognize, my first husband, George, after saying hello, I’d ask him about his daughters. Tammy and Machelle are grown women now. I think of them quite often.

Still, after this week, I realize, it’s possible, that there are some people, people who were once very important to me, that I may never see again, much less even say hello to again.

I’m okay with that, unless I think about it too much.

Tomorrows topic: What you wore today.

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