April 29th, 2016 by Jan

Day 25: Four weird traits I have.

Like I said before – I do not think I am weird. I have no super natural tendencies, nor the power (or desire) to control destiny. I do like the Wyrd Sisters music though.

I doubt the dictionary definition of the word weird is what this topic is referring to. I do think they are asking what I believe is odd about myself. Again, besides being afraid of lava, I don’t think I’m all that odd. Others may disagree, but I would find that odd.

Okay, here it goes.
1. I’m odd with money. I won’t spend $2.00 on a yard sale book, but will turn around and buy a car we don’t need. 🙂
2. I don’t collect stuff yet, I probably have 20 hats.
3. I write letters. The kind where a pen, envelope and stamp are needed.
4. I can’t think of a thing I have, that I couldn’t give away.

Tomorrows topic: Things you’d say to your ex.

5 thoughts on “oddballorweirdo

  1. Jim

    #4. Your teeth. I think you’d be hard pressed to give your teeth away. Unless they had already been removed, of course. Or your eyes.


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