April 28th, 2016 by Jan

On with the days we go. The amazing part of life is, for the living it goes on. No matter our drama, trauma, joy or celebrations — sooner or later, we want to know what’s for lunch.

After a day or two of staring out the window, I went to the pool, had a long walk, (14,000 steps) made pasta, and macaroons. I’m sure John’s family will be staring out windows for a lot longer.

I still wish I believed in hell. Then I could then wish the bastards there. It is amazing how I wish them such violence in return.

So, on with the show, and what ever is playing, I’ve got a ticket.

Perhaps I’ll get back to the 30 day writing challenge here, the topic I left off on is asking me to describe four weird traits I have.

The problem as I see it is, l think I am quite normal and not weird at all.

Except for the lava thing. That’s weird.

I’l see how the day goes.

2 thoughts on “hellandlunch

  1. Michael

    Sometimes I wish I believed that a higher power punished evil. Thinking about the many unanswered cruel acts committed does always remind me how incredibly grateful I am to have won the lottery of life. I am healthy, happy, and my life is full with love. And by the grace of luck, I have escaped being a victim of cruel people. I hope that tomorrow is the same, but I know there are no guarantees that my streak of fortune will be extended.

    and yes, the lava thing is charming, but weird. 🙂

  2. Laurie

    My heart is sad and heavy too, such a sadness for you and all of John’s family. I have no card in the religion game but I do wonder if the nature of man (and some women I guess) is to be that cruel and hate filled as part of their “normal” existence in this life. Were those monsters born that way, or is it some part of the rightousness of religious thought that carried them to that frenzied fervor and hate filled act. Not that I want to know particularly, my mind wanders to such things, after so much pain and loss for people I know and love. You take care please.


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