May 2nd, 2016 by Jan

Day 28: The word or phrase you use constantly.
Have you ever…? What is this? How come…? What’s this word?
Just saying. On with the show. Simply the best. Horrid. Fuck. Shit.
To name just a few.

Next topic: The night of your 21st birthday.
I have no idea. I can not remember. I probably got drunk.

Last topic: One thing you are excited for.
Eating a green chile on everything, frito pie and my birthday!

I’m also very excited that this writing challenge is over. I enjoyed having a direction – but some of the topics were silly. I guess besides being excited for the month of May, and eating a lot of green chile in New Mexico soon, I’m glad to be posting on a somewhat regular basis again.

On with the show!


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