March 1st, 2015 by Jan

I’m on Bowen. In Marian’s home, dog sitting Moser for a few days.

I have to say being in someone’s house when they aren’t there is just plain weird. I’ve been here a hundred times and yet, with Marian away it feels kinda wrong. Moser is happy. Well, he would be happier with Marian around, but he and I do just fine together. As a matter of fact we just had a staring contest. It’s a game we play together. We are evenly matched – I win a few — Moser wins a few. Afterward, we howl. I taught Moser to howl and it is cute, if not loud!

I’ve been well taken care of when it comes to eating while I’m here. Okay – well taken care of is a gentle way of saying, my friends really know me.

On the counter from Marian are potato chips, marshmallows, peanut butter covered pretzels, and chocolate pretzels. On the table via Kathy, is quina chocolate cake and a nanimo bar. In the fridge is left over babootie (from Peter). Kathy also graciously left me a variety of cheese, olives, and some slices of turkey and pastrami. Oh, also I have two apples and a baguette.

This morning, I added two bananas, a salad mix, and green smoothie from the Rusty Onion.

Years ago, (don’t you love a story that starts with, the phrase… years ago…) Anyway, years ago, Sandie and I took a road trip together. You know how fun road trips are; for some reason they become an excuse to eat loads of snacks and fast food. Well, I remember Sandie saying to me, when I was balled up in the fetal position, moaning and groaning, after eating a super greasy lunch, “We aren’t actually on vacation, this is our life. Do we really want to eat Kentucky Chicken and suffer the consequences?”

Uhm, no!

I’m not on vacation. Today, I’m spending my life doing a little something out of the ordinary, and there is no need for mass quantities of salty and sweet treats.

So, after Moser and I settle our latest staring contest, I will prepare to take on the next challenger. Will the marshmallows or salad win out?

We might need to go two out of three.

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