March 2nd, 2015 by Jan

Being back on Bowen is nice for those bushwhacking walks I used to take around the cape.

Moser and I headed off early this morning and tromped for nearly two hours up and down, over and through, in and out of the bush. It was nice.

What was especially nice was to see Moser run. I mean really, really run. I didn’t bring my walking poles, so I was a bit slower and quite careful as to where I stepped. I realize those poles are quite helpful when going up, and coming down slopes, and my tearing through the tundra days are over. (Okay, I never tore through tundra, but you know what I mean.)

Here’s photo of Moser catching his breath and waiting for me.


Of course one of us got extremely muddy from this jaunt. I’m not saying which one, but it was Moser. If there is a mud puddle within 100 metres of where we are, he can find it.

It’s such a beautiful day here; so nice to be outside. I even heard a few bees buzzing around, so that’s good.

We may head down to the beach later for a sunset. My obsessive chase for the sun rise is taking a back seat while I am here. We’re on the West side of the island and I’m not in the mood to drive to anywhere. Instead, I’m using this as an excuse to sleep in, and stay up late.

This dog sitting gig is pretty nice.

And a follow up FYI — I ate one slice of the chocolate cake Kathy gave me, and donated the rest to Peters book club that meets tonight. So, if you were betting…. The salad won the stare down. Go figure.

Oh, and Happy Birthday heather. I hope you are being celebrated and sung to today.

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