March 5th, 2015 by Jan

Today will be a busy day of hurry up and wait. That’s right, travel and a weird type of worry is involved.

I’m heading home some time this morning or this afternoon. I’m not sure of the times yet, a lot depends on when Marian comes home and then there are two ferry schedules to contend with. Of course BC Ferry Corp does nothing to make anything convenient. Hence the wait part of the day. The hurry up part is a fantasy. I don’t have to hurry for anything!

The weird worry part of the day will be with my dad. He is going in for a “procedure” today. Seems he has some internal bleeding on top of, or because of his cancers. So, the doctors want to knock him out and run a tube down his throat and see what they can find.


Dad of course says it is a simple procedure and he will be just fine and home again before supper, which he probably won’t be wanting to eat.

And it may be a simple procedure — still, every time a doctor is involved, in my opinion, things get complicated. And why they tell you they are “putting you to sleep” is beyond my comprehension. If anyone put me to sleep and then ran a tube down my throat – I’m pretty sure, I’d wake up!

Personally, I think knocking out an 89 year old with heart disease and cancer, to have a look see, is well… ask me again around supper time.

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