The Tony Awards!

June 11th, 2012 by Jan

The Oscars don’t impress me none, probably because I don’t go to movies. I have no clue about the Grammys or many other award shows on TV that praise their own. BUT, I could not wait to watch the Tony Awards last night.

The Tonys celebrate the work down on the Great White Way – aka – Broadway. And yes, ma’am, I love me some Broadway shows!

The whole thing was really fun for me this year. I had just seen four of the five shows nominated for best musical two weeks ago. I knew the performances of the most of the actors up for the awards. So I had an opinion!

For the most part I was please — but if it had been up to me – Porgy and Bess would have had a clean sweep — with a huge nod to End of the Rainbows star, Tracie Bennett.

Of course Audra McDonald won. No question. What she does in her role of Bess, eight times a week has to be gruelling. Singing and dancing are only part of it all. Telling a story is the real magic. The guy that played Porgy, Norm Lewis, was nominated, but for some crazy reason — didn’t win. The guy from Once did. Hmmmmm.

I understand it is hard to compare apples to oranges. Folk singing to Opera – a boring vacuum cleaner repair man to a crippled man in love. But come on.

Anyway… Neil Patrick Harris, always known to me as Dougie Houser, was fantastic as the host and Matthew Broderick was better in the number he did last night, than he was when we saw him, and “my” boys from Newsies danced.

For me the show was a nice trip down memory lane of the whirlwind trip I took to New York.

It would have been nice to have shared the night with Sandie and Joe. We would have said, “Remember that, that was good!”

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