June 12th, 2012 by Jan

Read this and…

I kid you not, it was a mere 10 minutes after reading this article on boredom and how crazy it is to be bored, when I started reading another article and stopped on the third line and said to myself, “Boring!” as I closed it up.

Boredom really only means I don’t want to pay attention to what doesn’t interest me.

Ken and I say we thrive on boredom or at least we aspire to it. The two of us can spend time doing nothing with the best of them. Yet, even though there is a lot in the world that doesn’t interest me, but I’m pretty sure neither Ken or I have never really been bored.

4 thoughts on “Boring!

  1. Laur

    But if a book doesn’t have me by page forty or so, it’s a goner. Life is too short to read crap. Too many good writers/books out there instead.

  2. Janparker

    Laur – I’m with you. I have no problem leaving a book or movie or anything. Change over boring!

  3. Ken

    Laur, I agree.
    I just quit reading a book, not because I was bored, but because it wasn’t well written, even though it was a topic that I was interested in.


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