A break in the action

June 13th, 2012 by Jan

I forgot the form yesterday. I was into High Pat on Horse and then… nothing. It wasn’t the first time this has happened and it won’t be the last.

I’ve practiced the 108 Yang form almost everyday since I first learned it. I know this form and it knows me.

Sometimes we give each other a break.

3 thoughts on “A break in the action

  1. Laura B

    Because I practice the CMC form as well as the Yang 108, I often find that I’ve switched part way through, usually at some particular move. For me, it’s usually at one of the many single whips. Sometimes it takes a while for me to realize what has happened.

    I try not to stop, but just accept that **this time** I’m doing the other form! Because, really, it’s all the same form to me.


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