June 14th, 2012 by Jan

I am not one for computer games.

Then I was given an ipad. It is for the work I need to do with Today’s Step and is quite handy for presentations.

When the ipads first came out, I heard someone say, they are perfect for consuming, not for producing. My neighbour, Marian said, they are really good for games! I ignored her for quite a while, because well, I don’t play computer games.

Then, when Marian bragged about getting 40,000 points in Spell Tower – I got curious and before I knew it, I downloaded Spell Tower. I’m a bit of a copy cat. If you are doing something with enthusiasm — well, then I’ll get interested too. I resisted for a long time because word games, while they aren’t as horrible as math games, give this dyslectic brain of mine a run for the money and games are supposed to be fun; not frustrating.

Spell Tower gives you a jumble of letters and you get points when you find real words, and okay — besides being a huge time suck, it is fun. My brain is getting a great work out – I can feel it jiggle and twist and turn and like any muscle that hasn’t had a good work out in a while, it’s also a little sore.

Marian’s is the queen and her 40,000 points, to me is the holy grail – I bow to her! I feel I could never aspire. Right now I have 3541 points. I’ll blame my short attention span, the guilt I feel for playing a computer game, my lack of vocabulary (which is getting bigger) and jumbled way I see things. BUT…. I’m in, hook, line and sinker!

Spell Tower! The tag line should come from Comedy Central with a warning: Time Well Wasted!

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