February 16th, 2014 by Jan

When I am asked what genre I like to read – My answer is, it doesn’t matter. I just like good writing. But the only true part of that statement is the last part. The genre does matter.

I don’t like science fiction or fantasy much. I just put down a book that I’m sure was well written, but went too far into fantasy, I lost interest in 20 pages.

Biographies are usually a safe read for me. Still I prefer good novels. That said, the last two books I read were biographies by Tim Conway and Billy Crystal.

The first biography I remember reading was Ben Franklins. Ben is still the fist answer I’d give to the question of who dead or alive would you invite to your birthday party. I think spending a little one on one time with Ben Franklin would be a hoot — and I’ll bet he’d be even more fun at a party.

Tim Conway and Billy Chrystal would be fun at a party as well. They are two of my favourite comedians and why I picked up their books at the library in the first place. They write well, but the story they told was more of a life check list. I did this and then I did that.

For Hollywood types, both were harmless too. Neither had been to rehab, both had loving families and loyal friends. They hung out with famous people and had wealth enough to make buying a racehorse or a baseball team sound everyday.

Both of these guys had somewhat normal lives growing up. Tim had odd parents and no siblings. Billy’s dad died young, still both had love and were safe. Both grew up laughing and making others laugh. They speak highly of their wives and children. They admit to having good luck, and from how they write — neither had hard times. And while they worked long hours, it didn’t sound like they work hard hours. Both men are super likeable. I laughed out loud reading both books and well, I would welcome them at my birthday party anytime.

People who write, say write what you know.  So, for me a life report — a biography, should be more than a check list of the things you did, and the people you met. Even if both are quite interesting.

Billy Chrystal and Tim Conway wrote amusing check lists of their lives — but, Ben Franklin, told the story.

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