February 17th, 2014 by Jan

Our house has been on the market since October. In that time, we have shown it six or maybe seven times, with two showings just this last weekend.

I am reminded of when I owned the Eugene Tai Chi Center years ago and was teaching for overhead. Every time the phone would ring I would exclaim, “Customer!”

Truth was and I knew it, the phone had to ring 100 times to get 10 people to walk into a class to get one to stay. Bad odds but true. Knowing this numbers game – I delighted when the phone rang!

We’ve not yet had enough house showings to get anyone interested in a coming back, much less making an offer. But, I know the more folks who see the place the better our chances.

We have to leave when the house gets shown. This is a part of the real estate game playing I really dislike. I do like having the house clean and stuff put away for the showings, but walking out the door and leaving every light in the house on — I can’t tell you how hard that is for me!

Perhaps when we leave I should yell,  “Customer!”

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