February 15th, 2014 by Jan

I’m in front of the TV most all day still watching the Olympics. I take a few breaks for household chores and to go outside — but I don’t miss much action.

I have to say I am made crazy by what the the announcers say. Here are a few examples:
• “Who ever wins this race will need to have the fastest time!”
• “He did his best – I’m sure he’s disappointed.”

For me, the worst is when a young woman, jumps off the side of a mountain, flips and twists in the air, lands without getting a head injury, and the commentator says, “She bobbled the landing, that’s going to cost her!” What they should be saying is WOW!

Usually the Canadian announcers are so happy that a Canadian participates, they say things like, “She came in 8th! Let’s interview her grandmother and take a tour of her hometown!” But, since the “own the podium” campaign came out in 2010, Canadians are expecting more. They are starting to sound like the American announcers, where you are a loser if you don’t win gold. I don’t like it.

They are saying things like… “The door to gold was open and he just couldn’t measure up. Another silver medal — how sad, he blew it.”

This morning a speed skater missed gold by 3/1000 of a second! The announcers said he was “unlucky” and the gold slipped away with his slow start! 3/1000 of a second! Again, the appropriate comment is WOW!

I love watching the athletes. I cheer great performances and groan when they bobble. Still, the best way for me to enjoy the Olympics is with the sound off!

4 thoughts on “soundoff

  1. Laura B

    Me too. Sometimes they are so inane. Really? Patrick Chan is a loser because he only got a silver medal? Really? I wish they’d just STFU.

  2. heather g-m

    or maybe you should be the commentator – it’s really funny when you say these things. This is one of my favorite blog posts yet


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