February 14th, 2014 by Jan

So Ralph Waite died.

It is weird to be so affected by someone I never met — by someone who played a fictional character on TV. Even still, I feel this man was a huge part of my life.

Ralph played John Walton and anyone who knows me, knows I love the Walton’s. I’ve seen the entire series time and time again, and it never fails, I cry at the end of every episode. Not just little tears either – I sob. Oprah would call what I do the “ugly cry.”

More than a few times, Ken has found me bawling. “What’s wrong?”, he exclaims, knowing it must be something disastrous. “John Boy is blind!” or “Reckless got shot.” I would blubber, blowing my nose.

To say the least, the show moved me.

Laugh all you want – I love this family. I wanted to be a Walton, and at times I still do.

Not everyone knows this, but Ralph was also a friend of Bill W. so in this strange way, I claim connection — I claim family.

Good night Ralph. You made a difference in my life.

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