June 10th, 2015 by Jan

There are still a couple of weeks until the official start of summer, but tell that to the sweat running down my back! It is hot here!

I’m not complaining, it is supposed to be hot in the summer. Another sign that summer is here is the ice cream truck cruising the neighbourhood.

Last night around 7pm I heard the ding-o-ling song of the ice cream truck. I looked out in delight to see it rolling down Samron Rd. at a nice slow pace.

I heard other summer calls last night as well — “Ready or not! Here I come!” and “Ally Ally Oxen Free.” It is kind of nice to know some games don’t change. Hearing it brought back some good memories of the neighbourhood I grew up in. I was glad to see a few kids actually playing outside. (Over there.)

The other thing that says summer to me is the quality of the books I’m reading. Maybe I don’t do it on purpose, but by chance I just finished two really silly, but enjoyable books.

Sandie calls them beach books or airplane books. I used to call them Stupid girl books. Now I just say they are the type of book to read on a hot summer day, easy to pick up and put down.

There is nothing to tell about The Boston Girl by Anita Diament or The Fortune Hunter by Daisy Goodman because while I enjoyed them in the moment, they are just that. Summer reads and I will forget about them in another 20 minutes.

One I won’t soon forget is The Birds Rained Down by Jocelyne Saucier. It is the fourth of five Canada Reads books. This one is a bit harder to blast through than The Fortune Hunter was. It is also my favourite of the Canada Reads so far. I’m still on the wait list at the library for the winner of Canada Reads, titled Ru.

I am a serial quilter, in that I don’t start one quilt until I finish the last one. But books… I have a stack of them going at all times. I am so happy to have audio books and printed books, and summer time to read and read.

I think I may need to dig out the hammock. I could set it up outside for summer time reading, and I won’t have to run the next time the ice cream truck rolls by.

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