June 11th, 2015 by Jan

If we only needed to do things once to get the most benefit from it — I would never have to shower again! Ha!

Personally, I seem to need constant reminding to do even the smallest things again and again. Maybe not showering, but practice and habits that bring me joy and make me feel better.

When I look at Today’s Step, which I still do on a daily basis — it inspires and supports me to continue to show up, get outside, and practice whatever I happen to be practicing at the time. I’m so glad that Allyson and I made TS a reality when we did.

Still, I am easily side tracked and what was important to me yesterday (or last year) can get dropped or forgotten without constant inspiration.

I do pretty well on the top 10 things that make for a good life. I exercise, eat well enough, I have a loving home, a safe environment, I sleep well, have a pet, good friends, etc.

And… I also spend too much time on my bum watching TV. I eat a lot of sugar, I dread certain phone calls, and at times am restless and cranky.

I need reminding to keep on keeping on.

I picked up a book at the library a couple of weeks ago, called A Year of No Sugar. I’ve read similar books like Sugar Blues as well. I know darn well sugar is poison. I also know when I have some — I want more. Still, going without is so dang hard for me… so reading books or talking about going without with others — inspires me to try, at least until that darn ice cream truck rolls by.

The best inspiration I had recently came in the form of the one and only, Art Baner!

He and his wife Jo came to visit us last weekend. It was grand. We showed them around our new community, went on a nice hike, ate good food, and talked, and talked, and talked. A perfect visit with great people.

One of the best parts of the visit for me, was watching Art practice a little qigong. We were downtown, enjoying the view, and standing on the rocks, near the ocean.

I tried going to the senior centre for a “qigong” class. But, actually it’s quite painful, and my tongue hurt from biting it, when I heard the leader, say, “Qigong is from Japan” and the word qigong “literally means exercise movement”.

But, honestly I miss moving with others, so I’ve gone back.

I confess to exchanging my personal tai chi and qigong practice for a satisfying, but very different practice of walking and hiking.

Watching Art move, reminded me of what qigong is and can be. His movement so clear, the articulation, mindfulness, and his internal joy and health came shining through. He moved so selfless and altruistic in his practice.

So, once again — to quote Marian Bantjes in her TED talk, “Inspiration cross pollinates.”

Thanks to a wonderful visit, from a wonderful friend who brought me unintended inspiration, I’m back to my personal morning practice and it feels good.

Now, about that sugar….

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