June 14th, 2015 by Jan

I am the queen of bumper sticker philosophy.

Okay, I crowned myself with that title, but it fits. I like slogans and easy words of advice.

The one Ken reminds me to come back to again and again is not “Stay curious” or “Life’s a bowl of cherries and you don’t have to eat the sour ones.” The words of wisdom, he encourages me to check in with more than any, is “Do the next right thing.”

I’ve learned things are stressful, down south, with my dad and brother, right now. And, I’m not sure I have the whole story. I really do not want to go down there — but, it may be the next right thing for me to do.

I may be the queen of slogans, but I am not the queen of the world. So, today, the next right thing for me, is to go for a good walk, and practice a little qigong.

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