August 21st, 2017 by Jan

I don’t think I try to hide my weirdness much, but there are times I’m a little embarrassed at how I react to certain things in life. Today is one of those times.

In the past, I’ve experienced lava as a phenomenon that grabs my attention, and out of the blue I will fall to my hands and knees, in tears, and exclaim, “That place is a bad place.” Lava is one incredibly stupid reason I quit going to Hawaii, even though my best girlfriend lives there.

Do not ask me why. I don’t know where this fear of lava comes from, all I know is, it is as real as anything I know. It doesn’t make sense! Yet, there you have it.

So, today is the big solar eclipse. We have a clear day in Sechelt, and are in the path for a 90% viewing. Ken made cool boxes for us to safely watch the darn thing, and we had plans to meet at the dog park with friends so we can all the share the experience.

Enter my embarrassment and weirdness….

This morning when I woke, I had the strangest feeling. I do not want to leave the house. Just thinking of watching the eclipse makes me tear up. I am not a silly superstitious idiot. I’m a weirdo.

So be it.

One hour later – I am the neighbourhood ambassador for the eclipse, as I am the only one around with a box! I was able to share with 7 people who would not have seen the darn thing otherwise.

One minute the weirdo, the next minute the hero!

Go figure!

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