August 24th, 2017 by Jan

Today is my brothers birthday. Art is 64 and for the first time in a few years, he will not be going to Gabriels for a celebration taco dinner. He won’t get to wear the birthday sombrero tonight!
He’s getting something better.

Art is picking up the keys to his new house in Las Vegas today.

Yup – Art bought a house in Las Vegas, NV. They close the deal today. I’m hoping someone brings a cake!

I’ve seen photos of the house, thanks to the interweb. It is a nice place. Two bedrooms, open concept, nice upgrades all around. There’s a nice back yard patio, and it’s close to a public golf course.

Art’s house is in a “retirement” complex. There is a guard at a gate, and not just anyone can get in to cruise around. It’s a nice level of security, if and when Art goes traveling. The other benefit of being part of this gated community is, there are all types of amenities; a swimming pool, club house, monthly community potlucks, a gym, and as the realtor told Art, “loads of widows!” (read that again… not windows!)

Las Vegas is not my choice for places to live, but I know it will suit Art quite well. He likes the heat, he likes the lower altitude, and he likes the option of action that Las Vegas offers. I like that air fare is super cheap to and from Las Vegas, so I know we will get to visit each other more often.

I also know Art is a bit of a homebody, and having his own home is pure gold.
Happy Birthday brother mine – I am so happy for you and I love you.

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