February 4th, 2017 by Jan

Weather wise, we’ve been lucky this winter. We’ve had it pretty darn easy, especially when you compare the coast to other places. Okay, do not compare us to Hawaii but, even Bowen Island had a harder winter than we have.

My brother Art says, “Everybody has something and everyplace does too.”

This morning our little world, is blanketed with snow!

Yesterday was the same, and Sechelt came to a complete halt, because of it. (we really should have our Canadian status removed for how we deal with snow!) There was no mail, no bus, no school, and the snow plow hasn’t been seen on our road.

Lucky for us, as I sing that old favourite hymn,  “Me, me, meeeee!” Ken and I don’t need to go anywhere or do anything. We have enough of everything to weather out the storm.

Yesterday, Ken braved the elements and took the doggy for a walk. I grabbed the snow shovel and set out on the driveway.

Then, I started thinking about my Grandma.

Grandma Hudson would have hated this weather. She, like my brother, preferred to sit in a hot car! The hotter the place, the better she liked it.

For years she lived in Florida and her house never once had air conditioning — the heat was Grandma’s friend. But, I’m off topic.

The reason I was thinking of Grandma, as I shoveled the drive was, it reminded me of her mowing the lawn.

When Grandma got the lawnmower out; the neighbourhood got mowed. She did her yard, then would just keep going. The yard next door got mowed and the yard after that did too. She would keep mowing until the mower ran out of gas.

So, thinking of Grandma – I finished our driveway then, crossed the street and shoveled the neighbours drive.

It snowed again last night, so it looks like I’ll be thinking of Grandma again today!

Everybody is a teacher — some teach us what not to do, and others, like my Grandma, teach us what to do.

My Grandma was the best at setting an example, and she never once thought anyone was watching.

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