February 3rd, 2017 by Jan

Jessica Woodbury reviewed the book I’m reading with —
“If Kurt Vonnegut and Dave Chappelle had a baby and really messed with its head, it would write this novel. I hope Paul Beatty takes that as a compliment because it’s meant that way.”

I’m reading The Sellout by Paul Beatty.

Marian recommend it for my reading challenge as a book that was published last year.

It’s a biting satire that challenges me.

I do think if it were written by anyone else, it would be banned as one of the most racist books around. Yet, I think that’s the point.

Unlike the last three books I started and did not finish – The Sellout has my full attention.

Paul Beatty can write! Some of his prose is absolutely wonderful. I stop at times and think — wow, I wish I could write a line like that..

Two of my favourites are:
“We all know the best apples, taste like peaches.”
He’s not from the tree of knowledge; more like the bush of opinion.”

And this…
“If I ever were to be ­offended, I wouldn’t know what to do. If I’m sad, I cry. If I’m happy, I laugh. If I’m offended, what do I do, state in a clear and sober voice that I’m offended, then walk away in a huff so that I can write a letter to the mayor?”

The Sellout clearly means to offend. For me, any offense I might take, tells me that I’m not as comfortable with race as I wish to be.

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