random realizations

June 26th, 2012 by Jan

My mom the hoarder, had multiples of everything — with one exception. My mother had only one daughter.

A few days ago I saw my mother’s name spelled out in a book.
Alice Francis Chambers Hudson Del Dosso. I thought her name was remarkably long.

As I continue go through my mothers things, I learn more and more about her and myself as well. She had a very interesting life. One that didn’t last as long as her name.

Through her papers, collections and general stuff, I see the stages of her life, from  when her name was just Alice to when she began to add all the surnames — hence men, family, stages of life… History.

Dear Alice Francis Chambers Hudson Del Dosso,
We have more in common than a lot of names!
Love from your daughter,
Jan Catherine Hudson Primm Parker.

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