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June 27th, 2012 by Jan

We’ve been moving wood from one pile to another for the last three days. We probably have one or two more days to finish the job depending on how hard or slowly we work.

I have to say, I love this type of work. My body feels strong and Ken and I work well together. We get into a bit of a rhythm and our timing is good. Neither of us feels rushed or waiting and we take rest quite often.

During some of the resting – I started the summer time thing of reading on the patio.

Yesterday I finally finished a book called A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. I say finally because I started this book a year ago June when I went to Whistler, with friend Deb and EA. I read 20 or so pages up there, but we spent more time talking and zip trekking than reading, so I didn’t get far and put it down.

The book is written as a sort of stream of conscience by the author and it was hard figuring out the story of what was happening and what he thought was happening!  No matter — the book has been on my night stand for the entire year. Every so often, I would open it, read a bit, get into it and then get distracted.

It sure wasn’t the page turner I crave in a book, but I kept at it. I also started other projects, read other books and throughout the year, continued to come back to it.

Usually if a book is too much trouble, I move on. But this book was a bit like working a complicated jigsaw puzzle. It gave me just enough satisfaction to keep going, yet rambled on enough for me to put a way for long periods of time.

Now, finished and looking back, I’ll say I enjoyed it. I think it was worth the persistence.

4 thoughts on “a long read

  1. Jim

    Ah, the power of limits. Too many options sometimes leaves you frozen in your tracks, not able to choose.

    “We’ve been moving wood from one pile to another for the last three days.” – there are too many smart-ass responses to this…so I’ll just let you choose your own.

  2. Jan Post author

    I would offer some words of wisdom, Jim but I have never been called wise without ass following shortly behind.


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