January 25th, 2013 by Jan

Dear diary-
I miss posting on my bloggy thing. I think about it all the time. I think of topics and clever sayings and funny phrases, but then to actually sit down to the practice… nothing.

Alas, I think the guys from Restoration Rock have taught me that saying I’ll do something and doing something is only as good as a promise.

Ken and I survived the plaque the early part of this month. It wasn’t pretty and no couple should ever get sick at the same time — it just isn’t right, but it sure is nice feeling strong again.

As soon as we were among the living — our hot water heater gave way. The Harry Potter room was flooded and a soggy mess was had. Lucky the apartment downstairs is not rented out right now. We were able to moved everything into that kitchen and moving stuff  gave us the kick we needed to fill the car with stuff for the Sally Anne rather than just promise to take it in someday.

A friend suggested we call the home insurance people to deal with the trouble. I have to say, it never even dawned on us to do so. Ken is such a fix it kinda guy and we tend to take on whatever trouble hits us. But after a lost nights sleep, we decided we’d rather throw money at the problem than add this project to Ken’s long “honey do” list. And after all, this is what home owners insurance is for.

So plumbers were called. I say plumbers because on Bowen it’s good to hedge your bets. Call all three of them and hope one of them calls you back. We got lucky — one not only promised to come out — he did! We had a nice hot shower in less than two days after the drama.

The insurance solution is another thing. Restoration Rock has great telephone manners and wow, can they make promises and they add, “yes, ma’am” to everything.

One young man has been out here twice so far. I am pretty sure he’s spent more time on the ferry than he has in our basement. His first trip out he was amazing and in 21/2 hours he rip the drywall apart, haul the carpet off, and set fans to dry out the room. Fantastic! Four days later, he came out and worked for another two hours, then he HAD to catch the noon boat back to the mainland. That was the last time we saw anyone.

Just like I think about this blog everyday, I think about calling the guys at Restoration Rock.

Promises, promises.

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  1. Laur

    Well, the wet wall board and carpet are gone, the place is dried out, and that was hopefully the worst of it. The rebuild will happen by the Recovery Rock people or perhaps, Ken’s “honey do” list is longer. At least the wet and potentially moldy is gone. Small blessing perhaps, but one small one just the same. Hang in there.


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