January 30th, 2013 by Jan

Every late January or early February I trek down to visit my friends in the Bay Area. I used to teach workshops there. It was a perfect time to get out of the rain and be able to enjoy an early hit of Spring. My friends Allyson and Leslie welcome me into their home and we’d play martial arts and eat chocolate.

Two years ago, when I was just beginning my sabbatical I went down to just play. On a nice walk around a golf course, Allyson and I started talking and Today’s Step was conceived. Last year at the this time, the project came to fruition and we launch the Today’s Step app for smart phones.

THIS year I am keeping all my big fat ideas to myself. This year we plan on nothing but having big fun. No making future plans, no big important meetings, and no talk of “wouldn’t it be great if…”

This annual trip will just be fun. A scrub at the Korean Spa, dinner at some fancy smancy place, and a show or two are on the agenda. I hear it is sunny and 60 degrees fahrenheit, and I am ready for for some good laughs with some good friends.

I’m putting some flowers in my hair as I head out to San Francisco today.

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