May 18th, 2013 by Jan

Ken and I have rented a float house in Cowichan Bay. It is a funky little place in a small town south of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

The house is nice and yet, has several quirks we are discovering. Like it is easier to go to the public washroom than figure out the toilet. And you can only use one electrical outlet at a time without blowing a fuse.

What I really like is that it is the bed in the “other” room is big, and is placed on the diagonal to fit. I like sleeping on the diagonal. We were warm and comfortable and with just a bit of very gentle rocking the house provides, I slept really well. I even slept half the day away —waking at 7 a.m. and, for me, that’s really sleeping in.

There is no TV and Ken and I are happy to read and talk about playing chess. There is internet, so I can keep Words with Friends going, and the neighbours are instant community and friendly.

The bird show continues to be a constant source of entertainment. No robins or hummers, but swallows, pidgins, and of course, sea gulls bigger than buzzards. The sounds are wonderful. Still, sitting outside, I wear a hat and am watchful and cautious. I believe the birds are doing their best to aim at the newcomers. Perhaps the basic needs of every living thing are easier in public places.

Today we’ll explore the area, eat fish and chips, and look at boats and birds. Life is good.

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