May 17th, 2013 by Jan

Ken and I are planning to spend the day in a ferry line up. Well, it wasn’t really the plan, but we all know plans change.

We are heading to Vancouver Island for the weekend. We’ve rented a float house and plan to enjoy some time exploring a new area. Of course being us, the only thing we saw on the calendar was that it was MY birthday weekend and didn’t take into consideration that it is also a Canadian holiday.

Canadian holidays translate into super long ferry line ups and overloaded boats and big crowds. We are going anyway. We have books to read, things to talk about, and as Ken likes to say about traffic and other crowded events, “We’ll just get in line and be part of it.”

FYI, most of our “special” days are also Canadian holidays and long weekend celebrations, so we should be used to it.

My birthday is on Victoria Day
Ken’s birthday is on BC Day
Our wedding anniversary is on Canada Day
And Christmas is on Christmas day, but that isn’t as special to us.


4 thoughts on “getawayandwait

  1. Laura B

    Hey Jan, my birthday is on the 24th too. I didn’t know we shared a birthday!

    When I was a kid, living back east,it wasn’t typically a long weekend. If the 24th was a weekday, that was when the holiday was, so I got the day off of school (because it was my birthday, ya know) and also, there were fireworks in the evening. Being a Victoria Day baby was intensely exciting when I was a kid. Just glad I wasn’t named “Victoria”!

    Then they decided it would always be a long weekend, and *poof* there went my special birthday glory!


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