April 10th, 2016 by Jan

Day 4: Ten interesting facts about me.

I love a list, and there is not much I won’t talk about, especially if the topic is all about me. Still, this was not an easy write as I wanted to make it different. I write up a similar list every year around my birthday, so of course I wonder if there is anything I can write today that anyone might find interesting? And to boot, the directions say interesting facts — not ideas, notions, goals or beliefs… This particular topic is calling for facts!

Here are ten facts, I think are somewhat interesting about me.

1. I have everything in life I need. Now, because of that I constantly explore wanting and having.

2. I really want a Subaru. This makes me feel like an old man who wants a sports car or motorcycle, one who can finally afford it. The interesting fact here is, there is absolutely no reason to have one. We just got a new car. I do not need one. So, silly as it is, I really, really want one.

3. I do not fear death. In fact the thought of death comforts me. I do however fear injury, illness, and incarceration.

4. Since wearing a Fitbit, I know I’ve walked 4,023 kilometres. Interesting fact — this is the same distance that the monarch butterfly migrates each year.

5. I am getting used to being retired. Yet, if I were to get a job, or look for another career today, I would find work in the field of death. I would like to facilitate interesting end of life gatherings.

6. The main reason I studied Tai Chi was to get an education, I think this is also the reason I stopped.

7. Most of my shirts have food stains on the front of them. I am seriously considering wearing a bib when I eat now.

8. I am quite spoiled and really hate being told no. Lucky for me — this rarely happens, because… uhm… I’m quite spoiled. And only sometimes, do I ask for the unreasonable.

9. I look  up and out into the world often. Living in a house with a view is the best! I find great delight in looking out the window and watching the day pass.

10. My brain gets scrambled and actually hurts, when I try to do math. I’ve been known to tear up in frustration when trying to add numbers together.

Day four done and dusted. Tomorrow topic: A place you would live but have never visited.

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