April 9th, 2016 by Jan

Day 3. Tell us about your first love and your first kiss.

This is a tricky topic. To tell the truth, after 30 some years of marriage to Ken, I can really say, who cares about my first love or first kiss? I certainly don’t. But I started this 30 day writing challenge and the topics are picked. Yet, I can see how I’m already starting to back pedal.

There is also the fact that while I can remember being baptized as a baby, I cannot for the life of me remember my first kiss.
Nope – nada, nothing.

I know your first kiss is something most people remember and cherish — but I’ve come to realize, I’m not like most people. And while my memory is pretty good on a lot of topics, I have a few blanks when it comes to my teen (a.k.a. drinking ) years.

I wish I had a good story for my first kiss — but I kind of think — it probably isn’t such a good story after all, and I’m pretty sure booze was involved.

The first time I fell in love on the other hand, is pretty clear.

I’m not counting crushes I’ve had, or that in grade three I would have done just about anything if Robbie Day had even looked my way. My first “real” love happened was when I was 18 years old. I lived in Massachusetts and I fell hard.

That love was not meant to be, but I did name my orange cat, Peet.

Tomorrow – 10 interesting facts about myself.

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  1. LauraB

    Hi Jan. I don’t remember my first kiss either, but it probably happened before I was 14 and was inconsequental.

    I’m really enjoying this list and thinking about these questions is interesting for me, leading me into the past self that I seldom think about anymore. Also, I do like clicking on this link every day and knowing you will have posted something! Adds a little thrill to my days!


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