April 8th, 2016 by Jan

Day 2 of the 30 day writing challenge.
The topic is: My earliest memory.

This one is easy, I’ve always had an answer to the question of my first memory.

I remember the first time I was baptized.

Memory is a funny thing though and I’ve been told it is impossible for me to remember that far back. But, I do remember — clear as ever.

I was very young; a baby actually. I remember being held in the arms of a woman, that was not my mother. I was wrapped in a blanket and people stood around a fountain. There was a kind man wearing a white robe with gold ropes, and he sprinkled water on my forehead. My parents stood by and were dressed up. My father wore a suit and my mom had a hat on.

It took place in the small chapel of the Episcopal church in Los Alamos. I know that because I’ve been in that chapel since. As a matter of fact, they hold AA meetings in the room next to it these days.

Ta-da – Day two down. Tomorrows topic: My first love and first kiss.

2 thoughts on “iremember

  1. Michael

    Age 4. Sitting on the spiral staircase with my sister, watching my mother and father yelling at eachother. My father throwing his eyeglasses down to the ground in anger. The feeling that this wasn’t the first time this exact thing had happened. Next memory… walking across the railroad tracks with my mother, sister and a bean bag chair, as mom left dad, and we moved across the street.


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