April 7th, 2016 by Jan

There’s this 30 day writing challenge going around social media and my friend Annie is doing it, so I think I will give it a go as well.

I’m not writing much these days, but I am thinking about it and miss it.

I don’t like all the topics, but so what? I also, don’t need to write a book or even a long story on each topic. If I just get a few lines down, it may be the kick start I need to get back into the groove.

So, I’ll start at number one and go from there…
Ready…. Go.

#1. Five problems with social media

My first thought about this is to name the reasons I like social media. (I don’t follow directions all that well.)

I like being in touch with friends from all over the world and I like that they know what I’m up to. I like pretty photos, birthday reminders, and a place to remember the dead or talk about shallow topics.

I do my best to keep it positive and fun and I hide and turn off the parts I don’t like. For instance — if you post a picture of a frog – I hit the “I don’t want to see this” button. Same goes for a pray for me Jesus post, any photo of Ted Cruze, and I really don’t like the mean and anonymous comments I see if I lurk on other sights.

I’m sure there are at least five really big problems with social media, but the main one for me is I can spend too much time on it. Scrolling through Facebook can take forever.

I don’t know if I can come up with five problems though – I tend to sign off when problems show up. I don’t use other media sights and, thankfully, I am not a teenager.

I pay no attention to Instagram, twitter, tinder, or other sights. Email gives me enough trouble and while I do really enjoy Facebook it does claims a bit of my time.

The good news is the more things get fired up on social media, the more I disengage.

Okay – it’s a start. I need to get to the pool this morning — so I’m posting now without any edits. If I remember – I’ll come back to this and clean it up a bit later.

Tomorrows topic – My earliest memory.

2 thoughts on “beginagain

  1. Michael

    I know this is your blog… with your mission to write. But….

    1. herd mindset can destroy a person’s life if they say something interpreted as not politically correct (get fired from job, get death threats, etc), even if the quote is taken out of context, and doesn’t represent the intended message.

    2. time drain.

    3. vehicle for the spread of websites that do “fun” surveys which are obviously just fishing scams for advertisers and worse, which people I know actually respond to regularly. (note, I am NOT talking about your lovely contests).

    4. my taste in humor is pretty dark (think Bad Santa), and it’s not for everybody. So if I post things that I find funny, i’ll probably piss off half my family or friends. If I post political thoughts, I’ll definitely piss off a good chunk of family and friends. And if I post both, I can pretty much ensure that I will never find another job again.

    5. social media encourages us to make lists of 5 things that are wrong with social media, when I can only think of 4.

    1. Jan Post author

      Thanks for this Michael. You can post on this anytime you want! In response to your comment.
1. Why I’m glad I’m not a teenager or have a boss.
2. This!
3. Don’t you want to know which Disney character you really are????
4. I also have a sense of humour that can be very inappropriate. For the most part I do not comment on social media — especially when I really, really want to.
5. 5 reasons we like social media! #1. Getting to know you a bit better! #2. Having fun contests! #3 having a reason to take pretty photos! #4. Okay, I’m stumped…


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