April 11th, 2016 by Jan

Day 5: topic: A place you would live but have never visited.

Great topic!
My first thought moved me out of Canada and over to Europe. I thought about maybe Paris, or London, but I’m not a city girl. Then I went south, how about New Zealand— but, I quickly came back to Canada.

I like it here. And B.C is the place for me. I’m very curious about the Maritimes and would love to go there, but to visit, not live. I’ve heard nice things about Halifax, except the weather, and Newfoundland and Labrador, but, no… BC’s the place for me. The beauty, the weather, the feel of the coast can’t be beat.

But, since the topic is living in a place I’ve never visited, I’m getting creative with my answer and I might even be cheating a bit, but who cares.

A place I would live but have never visited is, my friend Kit’s house, near Wilson Creek.

I’m pretty sure I would be quite happy living there given not just the chance, but the resources.

I met Kit last year at Elder U. We were in the same class, but did not connect, until this year when we met in the swimming pool. Now we go for coffee after class and are becoming friends.

Kit is a shaker and mover in this community. She has a bright personality and is always doing something or going somewhere. A retired business woman and reluctant widow. She knows what’s happening around town, where to go to get the best deal on anything, and who to call if you need… fill in the blank_________. Kit has a great sense of humour, a generous heart, and from what I hear… an incredible house with a waterfront view!

My answer is… I’d live in a house with a waterfront view, anywhere along the Sunshine Coast.

I would not have to visit the place to know, because we chose this area in the world for a reason. We like it here!

Tomorrows topic: Someone who fascinates you and why.

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