April 12th, 2016 by Jan

Day 6, writing challenge: Someone who fascinates you and why.

I am fascinated by so many people and not always in a good way.

For example — what the fuck is with Ted Cruze and that Trump guy? Worse are the people who think they are a good idea! Fascinating!

The dictionary defines fascinate as “draw irresistibly the attention and interest of.” Reading the thesaurus I see words like, engrossed, enchant, mesmerize. With this in mind, I am not as fascinated with these asshats as I thought.

I am not drawn irresistibly to the fuckers, nor enchanted. I can easily look away, but I do shake my head in disgust, and I do wonder how and why.

I think my dad died just in time to have missed this particular circus. A die hard republican, I would have been fascinated by his thoughts on this and am sorry to miss some of the conversation we might have had now. I’m pretty sure he would be disappointed in what is going on right now, but we did have different thoughts on most topics, so who knows?

I am fascinated by how people think, by what they think, and I am really fascinated by people who think differently than me!

But, this Day 6 writing challenge asks for a someone in particular that I am fascinated with, so I am picking my husband, Ken.

Ken has fascinated me (in a good way) since the fist day I met him. Even after 33 or 34 years of marriage, I am still fascinated (in a good way) with him.

Ken does not think like I do. Yet, I find him interesting and I am enamoured. It was either Tam, or Jim, who dubbed him the “voice of reason.”

For the most part, I’d agree. Ken is pragmatic and tethers me to reason. Especially when I want to fly free by the seat of my pants. Ken see most problems as obvious and most solutions as simple. For example: If the fence is down and the cows are out, you need to fix the fence and get the cows back in.

Ken is open minded and yet, also quite stubborn. He stands in the middle and can usually see all sides of a story. I do know that once his feet are dug in though, even my amazing push hands skill have a hard time moving him. His mother told me early in our marriage that if I wanted Ken to do anything, I would need to really nag him! Nagging Ken is the surest way to get absolutely no where with him. I’m grateful I did not take his moms advice with that one!

Our life together has been easy and good. We’ve done very little “work” to stay happy, and to others that may be fascinating. To us, it is paramount to how we live.

When we differ, I am fascinated. When we are on the same page, we are fascinating.

We are getting in the van later and heading out on a road trip. We’re going somewhere neither of us have been before. Ken will drive, my feet will be up on the dash, and Tom Petty will be singing. I am drawn irresistibly to this, and am glad I am fascinated by my husband. (in a good way.)

Tomorrows topic of this 30 day writing challenge is: What tattoos you have and if they have meaning.

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