December 5th, 2014 by Jan

We are a little busy around here, there is a lot going on, and yet, I am looking at travel sights on line. I want to fly south for a few days and hang with my friend Kim. I just want to hold her hand.

Kim is being treated at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. I can get a direct flight from Vancouver straight into Phoenix where apparently Scottsdale is a suburb.

Just in case you are new to this story, Kim and I met in grade 7. Long story short, she is my friend.

Kim has been battling lymphoma since last April. Last week, she checked into the Mayo for a stem cell transplant. Her husband Lorin, called me last night, things are not going so smooth.

They did harvest her cells and then she got pretty sick from the meds and hasn’t been able to keep any food down — she also started to lose some of her short term memory.

The Drs. ordered a MRI and found a mass in her brain. They of course weren’t sure what it was without a biopsy, so this morning, they did that.

Fucking cancer.

Ken and I are busy right now. We have a lot going on — the timing, details and logistics of a trip at this time will be difficult.  — But, my heart is having trouble getting things done here, when I could be sitting with my friend there.

There is never a good time for fucking cancer.

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