December 4th, 2014 by Jan

“So, this will be your last Christmas on Bowen.”

Our friend Rosie gave us a small Christmas tree. She found it at the tacky shop, and brought it over, because she knew we would not be decorating on our “last Christmas” on Bowen.

Now, before I get all sappy about this. I also know that Christmas is a funny time for people. We put special meaning on the season. This is the time when some people like the snow. Shopping becomes important, and gooey shows on TV make other wise sane people blubber like babies.
More than anything though, we remember. If we are lucky, we get in the “spirit” of the season, and enjoy love, generosity and memories.

This may be our last Christmas on Bowen, but some people will have to experience this first Christmas without; never dreaming they would be spending this holiday without a parent, spouse, friend, or pet . The first Christmas without a loved one is hard.

My Grandmother Chambers died on Christmas Day 43 years ago. I think of her a lot this time of year. The first Christmas without her was horrible. The second was sad too. My mom said, her death “ruined Christmas.” Duh…. Yet, as time goes on, each year got a little easier to celebrate. Christmas is not ruined, never was, and can’t be as long as we remember those we love.

2014, our last, or perhaps it’s our first Christmas with _________ or without _________ (fill in the blank).

Celebrate and remember.

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