June 22nd, 2014 by Jan

Day four on my own.  Ken called from Spearfish, SD last night. He will make it to Valentine sometime today. All the Parker boys will meet out at the ranch and I know they will talk story, laugh and play music together.

I’m not totally on my own here. Moser and Peet are here. When they aren’t sleeping, they demand attention. I spend a lot of time, telling them to leave each other alone. Moser loves to keep his nose in Peets butt – Peet loves to walk under Moser’s legs. Both do the tortured kid thing of teasing each other with the “I’m NOT touching you,” closeness.

The surprise attention getters are the hummingbirds. Wow, they go through food faster than I do! I didn’t really know this as keeping the hummers fed is a job Ken takes on. The reason — he is tall! The feeder hangs on the patio, and I need a chair to deal with it. So far I haven’t figure out how to hang it up without spilling sweet sugary syrup down my arm. Practice, practice, practice!

I’ve been listening to music with the volume up pretty high. I like dancing in the living room, I haven’t had the TV on much. Except, I did watch So You Think You Can Dance. I am in awe of how some people can move their bodies.

I really hope we don’t have a house showing anytime soon — as I’ve got things pulled out all over the place. And it would take some serious effort to clean the place up. The sewing machine and ironing board are up. The spinning wheel is out; fleece is everywhere as I’m spinning a mohair blend of wool. (It is really pretty) I think about learning to knit as this would make something really nice, but instead I’ll just give this away to someone who will love it. My office has paper spread out everywhere.

I asked some friends to recommend new podcast to listen to and I am so glad I did. Snap Judgement is really great! What I like about it is that they are “mostly” true stories!

My favourite was a guy who said, when asked how true on a scale of 1-10, he said he’d give it an eight! I LOVE this style of story telling.

This post is a lot like Snap Judgement – it’s mostly true!

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