June 20th, 2014 by Jan

So Ken got in the van without me and drove away the other day.

He’s on a road trip and the good news is he took food with him! The bad news is, I didn’t get to go with him this time. He is off to meet his brothers in Nebraska and I’m on Moser and Peet duty.

Having the house to myself is really fun… for about three days, then I tend go a little wonky. Knowing this, I’ve covered my bases and have plans to see people, go places and do things. Having Moser will help me keep my membership in thechurchoftheholydogwalk in good standing.

A box of fabric and sticks of glass will keep me entertained, plus I plan on giving the house a big cleaning. I’d love to do a big clean out, but have been sorting stuff for a year now and don’t have too much more to deal with.

I have loads of books to read, and ALL of Ken’s chores to keep me going as well. My routine is already messed up as I tend to stay awake too late when Ken isn’t around and I tend to enjoy the quiet of my crazy mind, so don’t write as much. Actually I plan on writing a lot of letters to friends just to surprise them when they go to the old fashion mailbox next week.

If you are reading this — please don’t be shy about poking your nose in on me — just in case I turn into a popcorn eating, dancing to loud music fool, who actually forgets to interact with people in the world each day.

Ken will be back in a couple of weeks and I plan on being somewhat sane when he does come home! In the mean time, where’s the TV  remote? 🙂

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