June 18th, 2014 by Jan

Let me talk about the guanqifa.

I have no idea when exactly I learned the guanqifa – I do know I learned from Master Liang during a 12 week medical qigong class I took in town.

I remember him saying, “Please raise your hands.” I had a view of the North shore mountains and on more than one occasion I cried my eyes out during the meditation.

The guanqifa became my mainstay qigong — my go to practice. It continues to be to this day.

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I was cranky and took it out on those I love. I tried to walk it off, sew it off and finally – I guanqifaed it and I felt better right away.

When I started teaching at the O in 2003, each and every day all we ever did was the guanqifa. Three lines, three times.

The O was just getting started back then, so the morning qigong class was small, maybe 8 – 10 people. As it was then, is how it is now, some people loved it and others hated it. And as it was then, it is now, those who loved it — really loved it.

A man from Terrace, BC asked if there was a way I could tape my voice talking him through the practice so that when he went home he could continue the practice.

I called my friend Corbin who had a recording studio in his house and set something up with him. I know he gave me a deal on the session — he also created the wonderful cello music that plays in the background of the CD. I was stupid enough to think we could “just add” a little Kitaro or some other space music. Corbin reminded me of copyright laws and again, for a small price, he provided the original music.

Corbin’s studio had glass doors that looked out behind his house into the woods. It was lovely and so very easy to record the practice I have raised my hands for. It was a one take wonder, except for a little boo-boo at the very end of the session. I was almost finished when…

I said, “You’ve done somthin good for yourself today.” Corbin burst out laughing. Somethin. Somethin. “Jeepers Jan, you sound like a hick!”

We both had a good laugh and once more – I calmed myself; he hit record. “You’ve done something good for yourself today.” And we were done. Well, I was done. Corbin edited the extra noise out of the recording — the lip smacks and swallows, added the music and cut a master. He also gave me advice on where and how to produce the CD.

Of course I had to get Jim involved. Jim designed the cover and the handout, he made sure the credits and special thanks were acknowledged. He then provided press ready copy for the production.

Less than two months after the man from Terrace suggested a tape, I picked up the first 500 copies of the Guanqifa CD!

Today, 1500 Guanqifa CD’s have been produced and are in the world. I’m sure some have never been listened to, and some are a steady on the playlist. The Today’s Step app and newsletter also offer it.

Every once in a while, someone will write to me and tell me how it helps or the difference the practice made in their life. This brings me great joy.

Why are we so surprised when we get what we ask for?

Please raise your hands!

4 thoughts on “Guanqifarambles

  1. Kathy

    I agree with both Laura & Nancy. I love it (mine) and you do REALLY good work in this world ~ thank you for teaching me the tools I needed

  2. Kathy

    I agree with both Laura & Nancy. I love it (mine) and you do REALLY good work in this world ~ thank you for teaching me the tools I needed to thrive in my life.


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