June 27th, 2014 by Jan

I’m not complaining, I’m just telling you of my adventures.

Now, you may think it sounds a lot like complaining, but all in all I am a very happy person and I think of people like Jenny and Art that put a good spin on everything and I wonder why I don’t do that.

Perhaps it is that I process information out loud and instead of accepting the situation as it is (which really is the only option) I point out the weird and hard parts and the good parts get quiet as being just the way things are and I don’t think they don’t need mentioning.

There is so much good in my life – I’d like to turn things around and mention them more often. But, then someone asks me how I am, and instead of telling them how lovely it was to water the garden or read the last chapter of an interesting book, or how walking up a hill to see the new day dawn over the ocean, I rant about the struggles and the oddities of the day.

Go figure.

We are always practicing something. I know that what we practice is what we do. So today, I will practice talking about the joys and not the struggles in my life. Forgive me if I slip.

4 thoughts on “notcomplaining

  1. Laura B

    Thank you for echoing my own thoughts. That happens a lot. And you have inspired me, so today I will try to go out and take up the practice.

  2. Kathy

    Thanks from me too, Jan. Troy is really good at the “glass half full” way of thinking. I’ve learned a lot from him and now your words reinforce those lessons. Life truly is great!

  3. Jenny

    I sometimes wonder about the lens(es) I use to view the world. Some I choose intentionally; others are a result of past experiences and how I remember them. At this point in my life, I can see that my parents (separate households) had a great influence on how I view the world and my place in it. Sandie says, “Be kind.” That is the essence of it; being kind with myself, being kind to other beings. It drives my choices, including the lenses I use.

  4. Laur

    I wear my hat on my head and my heart on my sleeve and both are reminders that “Life is good”. I’m an optimist by nature and even in the rough spots I’m inclined to say “if this is the worse thing that happens today, we’ll be fine”, and most often we are fine. Take a breath, get a snack, take a nap, count your blessings, life is good.


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