May 12th, 2013 by Jan

I like to say, I reserve the right to change my mind.

This goes for every thought, value and philosophy I hold at any given time. I believe the freedom to consciously change everything, especially your mind is the greatest gift of life.

When Ken and I thought we were moving to New Mexico it was all very clear and even though we knew it wouldn’t be easy, we knew it would be fine; even good. But, those plans changed when my brother took the reins and we found ourselves with a moving mindset, and a zillion options.

There is great power in having limits and we found we didn’t have many. And with all the possibilities at our finger tips, I found myself stagnated, stalling and wondering.

We could buy a van and travel, or a boat and cruise. We could get a cabin in the mountains or by the ocean, perhaps a house in a small town or a condo in the big city. We had too many choices and actually thought our plan would be to just sell everything, and drive off the island. I thought it would be great to then, look at Ken and together we would decide to either turn left or right in Horseshoe Bay and drive on.

Sorting stuff, clearing stuff, selling stuff, re-evaluating stuff is a great experience. I recommend it to everyone, every once in a while. Yet, iI found putting all this energy into stuff is just well… boring.

Truth is, as much as we have, it works for us while we are here. I’m not really attached, but we use our stuff, like our stuff and this house holds the stuff. In another situation I’m sure the focus on stuff would change. Not knowing where we might end up, it was a lot harder to make the call.

Long story short and not because of the stuff, we decided not to move anywhere. We decided our next adventure will be to explore our options and we don’t have to move to do it. This is the next right thing for us, and I take comfort knowing we have a home (and a cat) to come home to, or go away from, whenever we want.

Today it feels good having made a decision. No matter what choice we make today or in the future, I continue to reserve the right to change my mind when it’s appropriate.

Today it feels right to practice the skill of waiting. I know the next path will reveal itself when we are ready.

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