May 13th, 2013 by Jan

Planting lilacs and asparagus is similar to planting a tree in order for the next generation to be able to sit its shade. It is a form of service, a fine way to make the world better.

Unfortunately, on Bowen Island, it isn’t that easy and a fence is necessary if you want anything besides alders or ferns is to grow.

We fenced the yard a few years ago, and that same year, Ken planted a lilac bush for my birthday celebration.

We had high hopes, but the deer got in and ate everything growing. Ken fixed the fence, the deer persisted. A battle royal ensued. (And FYI, the deer on this island don’t give a shit about fences, spears or cardboard boxes, and they like lilacs, almost as much as I do.) Neither giving up.

This year, I am happy to report, the deer lost.

This year, I’m enjoying lilacs in my birthday month!

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