May 11th, 2013 by Jan

You don’t know me very well at all! Okay, maybe Jim does but he’s just being half of what I like to call a “smart ass” forcing me to confuse Rhonda’s address with his!

The answers to the contest I held two days ago are… in no particular order — C. B. A. A.


1. We are going to put the house up for sale any minute now or maybe next week or next month. It will for sure be on the market before next year, because contrary to our boasting of thriving on boredom, after 17 years here, we want to mix it up and change. Bonus points will be offered if you can tell us where we might go. We have no clue.

2. After 30 years of marriage Ken and I are taking a cruise to Alaska. It is something we thought we would never do, so we are doing it.

3. I confess I did spend almost an entire day watching a TV marathon of Say Yes to the Dress. (See above where I thrive on boredom.) It is a show where women try on wedding dresses and their families either tell them how beautiful they are or how fat their butts look in dresses that cost what we would sell this house for! It’s a bit like watching a train wreck, I knew it was wrong and yet, I couldn’t look away.

4. And since there was no clear winner to this contest, EVERYBODY gets my undying gratitude, for continuing to read and not clicking away! …..Hello! You are still reading this fascinating blog where my true thoughts surface and nobody gets hurts! Aren’t you? ☺

Thanks for playing and now, I’m on with the day’s chores of sorting, clearing stuff, and cleaning up the bird shit from the crazy robin that spent three days banging his head on the living room windows.

Did I ever mention my writing is more interesting when I have a topic? I meant to.

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